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Just to let you know, our name is pronounced as in "Just ta-let-ya-know" with the taletyaknow all run together. Easy, huh? And for spelling the only trick is to shorten "know" to the homonym "no", thus, "Taletyano".

In 1998 Mr. White, our founder and president, happened upon a notice in the local paper about an Inventors Club meeting and decided to attend. Having an avid interest in technology, including a few of his own invented but unpatented and uncommercialized inventions, he joined the club and continued attending meetings. His outspoken business advice (based on many years in consulting and self-employment) at the meetings soon garnered him an invitation to speak to the group. The presentation was declared a success but it was quickly determined that the speech, which just outlined the principles for determining marketability and getting to market, had almost no apparent effect on the counterproductive behaviors of most of the club members. (It still hasn't but hey, hope springs eternal.)

In any event Mr. White determined to write a book detailing exactly what steps to take and what resources to use in getting an inventor's products to market. The book was carefully researched (hundreds of hours over 18 months) and draws on the experiences of numerous individuals, some with over 50 years as successful, independent inventors. That book was and continues to be fairly well received in the inventor community. But it lead to a common dilemma among self publishers. It's very expensive to market only 1 title at a time. The solution, publish more titles. But which way to do it? The first plan was to simply write more books. But, what with the energy and time spent marketing the first book and other projects writing time just didn't materialize fast enough. The alternate solution---get other author's books.

While doing the research for Mr. White's original book, Will It Sell? How to Determine If Your Invention Is Profitably Marketable (Before Wasting Money on a Patent), he ran across a number of very good books for inventors that were out of print. Most just needed a bit of fairly minor updating to make them current with new patent laws because the rest of their advice and information was fairly timeless. One author found us with a fun little book, You Might Be An Inventor If... but for the other proposed titles the original authors were sought out. And that's where we are today. One author has gotten his book completed and we've gotten it back in print under the banner of Taletyano Press. For another book the author has agreed to do the update but the current publisher wants to make their own decision before releasing the copyright. And, of course, Mr. White is valiantly struggling to get his current book updated and get two more written.

Of course the next trick will be to figure out how to efficiently reach inventors so that it's still possible to sell them the informative books they need (but usually don't know they need) BEFORE the scam artists get to them with their soothing words and lavish praise. The catch is the scam artists can afford to spend $2,000-$4,000 out of the $11,000-$25,000 they take from every victim and "invest" it in advertising for new victims. Out of the price of a $20 book you can spend at most $3 on marketing. Anyone who has the answer to that problem is asked to submit their suggestion forthwith to: E-mail address image, click to e-mail or type in your e-mail program's 'To:' field


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