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Millions from the Mind

Illustration List

Also see the Table of Contents page for Millions from the Mind.

     Figure 1 - Dental Rinse Method Patent, Richard Berger, Plax
     Figure 2 - Plax Trademark, Richard Berger
     Figure 3 - Ad from United Technologies "Think" series
     Figure 4 - Dental Rinse Composition Patent, Richard Berger, Plax
     Figure 5 - Colorocs' First Patent
     Figure 6 - More of the first Colorocs Patent
     Figure 7 - Colorocs Patent Detail Images
     Figure 8 - Do's and don't's of gift giving abroad


     Davis' (Levi's) riveted pocket-openings pantaloons drawing
     Davis' (Levi's) riveted pocket-openings pantaloons specification
     Ford's fuel injected engine drawing (large)

Chapter 1
     Eli Whitney's cotton gin
     Samuel Colt's first U.S. revolver patent...
     Bell's first telephone patent
     Gray's caveat drawing/Bell's patent cont'd
     Ford's fuel injector patent
     Edison's light bulb patent
     Whittle's main jet engine patent heading
     Otis' elevator safety brake

Chapter 2
     Bell's first telephone patent cont'd, with claims
     Carothers' first nylon patent
     Plunkett's Teflon patent.
     Ford's fuel injector viewed from above
     Ford's fuel injector detail drawings
     Ford's fuel injector specification beginning
     Ford's fuel injector part descriptions
     Ford's fuel injector, more part descriptions
     Ford's fuel injector, part descriptions and operation
     Colorocs hangs in there
     Ford's fuel injector claims
     Ford's fuel injector claims cont's
     Ford's fuel injector, more claims and quiz answers
     An Eastman and Walker film roll holder; also meet George Selden
     Eastman/Walker roll film holder
     Selden and the automobile patent

Chapter 3
     An Eastman paper film patent
     Bell vs. Gray: What is invention?
     Eastman Company cellulose film
     Goodwin's nitro-cellulose film
     "Goodwin" wins; Kodak wins
     Whitney's cotton gin is a success yet
     Colt's revolving gun patent cont'd
     Whitney's milling machines and interchangeable parts
     Whitney changes the Northeast
     Colt explains the drawings
     Colt's revolving gun detailed description
     Colt's claims
     Colt's second revolver patent, a familiar look
     Colburn's revolver
     Colt's second revolving gun specification

Chapter 4
     Bell's first phone patent works; so does his "Gallows" phone
     Colt's second revolving gun claims
     Colt's new inventions are overtaken by the old
     Colt's RE124
     Colt's RE124; What is a reissue patent?
     Colt's revised Div. 5 explanation
     Colt's RE124 claims
     Colt disclaims a claim and his most famous gun is born
     Can opener with winged turner (Asbury), cans
     Can opener description, "tin" cans
     Earlier bench model can opener (Gilham)
     Bench model can opener claims
     Greatbatch's pacemaker guts
     Greatbatch's pacemaker guts cont'd
     Greatbatch's voltage multiplier background
     Greatbatch's voltage multiplier summary and figure descriptions
     Greatbatch's voltage multiplier explained
     Greatbatch's voltage multiplier explanation cont'd
     Greatbatch's voltage multiplier claims
     Greatbatch's patent errors but that's not why he got a second 
     Greatbatch's pacemaker patent itself
     Selden claims "master patent"   Ford disagrees
     Greatbatch's pacemaker patent summary and figure descriptions

Chapter 5
     Greatbatch's cardiac pacer claims
     Olson discovers in-line skates
     Bell makes a working phone--but keeps on experimenting
     Claims for an in-line skate
     Olson negotiates rights for the in-line skate brake
     In-line skate brake specification
     Mattel, Inc's already invented competing skate
     Lemelson catches the in-line skate idea
     Brennan Olson's in-line skate design patent--but not for 
          Rollerblade, Inc
     Brennan Olson gets a utility patent for Rollerblade, Inc.
     Brennan Olson tells of the beginnings of in-line skates in his 
          patent specification
     Brennan Olson detail drawings
     Brennan Olson's long claims
     The reissue of the first U.S. in-line skate patent
     Original and reissue claims from the first U.S. in-line skate 
     A Brennan Olson design patent for a skate brake
     Olson, Todd Jack files an application for patent for 
          Rollerblade, Inc
     Scott Olson's first skate patent
     Ford and Edison, the real facts--near as I can tell
     Brennan Olson's improved wheels drawings (large)

Chapter 6
     Scott Olson's combination skate claims
     Prior art to Scott Olson's combination skate
     1909 combination skate patents
     A Scott Olson patent examined by Richard Apley
     USPTO Office of Independent Inventor Programs
     Scott Olson's re-invention of rowing bicycles
     Scott Olson's rowing bicycle claims and Rowbike trademark
     Bell's breakthrough telephone drawing
     Some of Bell's breakthrough telephone patent text
     Drawings approximating Bell's first commercialized telephone 
     Bell decribes "best mode," with an attention bell
     A Bob Bennett plastic bottle top with a spout
     More from Bob Bennett's bottle top patent
     Bob Bennett's long, strong first claims
     Allen's cork remover
     Allen's first gotten claims then the CIP claims
     Allen's divisions and CIPs for cork remover parts, terminal 
     Herb Allen goes for new patents on related devices
     Allen's variants and CIPs, more pickets
     Allen's most deluxe corkscrew
     Allen's deluxe corkscrew claims
     Clemens' Interplak toothbrush

Chapter 7
     Clemens' toothbrush from a mechanical innards perspective
     Clemens' front page shows "abandoned"
     Clemens' brush head details
     More Clemens' brush head details, "objection" and "rejection"
     Toothbrush background from Clemens' specification
     Clemens' claims
     Clemens' Interplak toothbrush design patent
     Clemens' other toothbrush patent
     Whittle's jet engine '971 provisional specification
     Whittle's '971 "complete" (British patent speak meaning) 
     Whittle's '971 description
     Whittle's '971 claims, including multiple dependant
     Whittle's '971 jet engine drawings
     Whittle's burner (the main component of the jet engine) patent 
     Whittle's burner provisional specification
     More of Whittle's burner specification
     Whittle's burner claims
     Whittle's burner drawings
     Clemens' manual toothbrush drawings and quiz
     Whittle's German patent for his burners
     Carlson's xerography process

Chapter 8
     Whittle's patent for another key part of his jet engine
     Whittle's fuel delivery balancing system description
     Whittle's fuel delivery balancing system claims and drawing
     Whittle's first try at the jet engine
     More of Whittle's first jet engine
     More of Whittle's first jet engine
     Whittle's first jet engine claims and drawing
     Carlson's xerographic process claims
     Cuervo's colicky baby soothing crib
     Cuervo's drawings--including test results
     Background art for Cuervo's invention
     Cuervo quotes other people's research
     Information on Cuervo's clinical tests; inclusion by reference
     Cuervo's claims
     Edison invades Bell's territory with a speaking telegraph
     Edison's first speaking telegraph patent application summarized
     Another Edison development in telephone microphones
     The basics and claims of Edison's second microphone application
     Edison's next microphone suggestions

Chapter 9
     Descriptions of Edison's suggestions
     An Edison microphone with a familiar look
     Text and claims from Edison's microphone
     The last of Edison's blast of microphone applications; quiz
     Text and claims from the last of Edison's blast of microphone 
     An Edison Electric Light patent before the light bulb?
     Design patent toothbrush holder (DeLeon)
     DeLeon's design patent views (drawings)
     DeLeon's competitors
     More toothbrush holders, these by Rubbermaid
     More competition for DeLeon
     The first Kurzweil company patent
     Kurzweil reading machine history
     Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, Inc's speech-to-text patent
     Ray Kurzweil's first patent
     Ford's advertising assault on Sheldon
     Damadian's nuclear magnetic resonance patent cover page

Chapter 10
     Kearns' first intermittent windshield wiper patent
     Specification text from Kearns' first patent
     Kearns' first patent claims
     Kearns' partner, Tann, gets an intermittent windshield wiper 
     More from Tann's patent
     Kearns' second intermittent windshield wiper patent drawings
     Specification text from Kearns' second patent
     Kearns' second patent's claims
     Another Kearns wiper patent ('698) years later
     Kearns' '698 background and summary
     Kearns' '698 claims
     Kearns' last intermittent wiper patent
     Background and claims from Kearns' last wiper patent
     Foreman's intermittent wiper for Motorola
     Specification text from Foreman's intermittent wiper patent
     Claims from Foreman's Motorola patent
     Otis starts an elevator company
     Some Otis patent  history
     Ford's race victories revisited

Chapter 11
     Wang patents my tennis racket idea
     More of Wang's patent
     Wang's claims
     A vacuum based intermittent windshield wiper
     Vacuum wiper control description
     A "for sure" pre-Kearns intermittent windshield wiper patent
     The Kearns legacy
     A new intermittent windshield wiper invention/inventor (Saito)?
     Damadian's nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) drawings
     Damadian's claims
     Damadian's patent extension certificate
     The first patent issued to Apple Computer, Inc.
     Wozniak's first patent
     Another Wozniak patent
     Congress alters history, Bell "discredited" (not!)

Chapter 12
     Vorhauer's contraceptive sponge
     Vorhauer's mold/package and invention background
     Vorhauer's invention summary and figure descriptions
     Vorhauer's detailed description
     More Vorhauer detailed description
     Vorhauer describes clinical trials and their results
     Vorheaur's examples and claims
     A patented competitor to Vorhauer
     More Vorhauer competition
     Dean's Designer Blocks drawings
     The machines to make Dean's blocks and a wall example
     Cover page information from Dean's patent
     Some of Dean's detailed descriptions and claims
     More of Dean's claims
     Corrections to Dean's patent; first-to-invent
     Silver's weak glue--later used for Post-it notes
     Silver's glue background and summary
     The chemical formula(s) of Silver's glue
     Sarich's Australian orbital engine patent drawing

Chapter 13
     Merrill and Courtney solve Silver's glue problem for 3M
     Merrill and Courtney's tacky bulletin board specification
     Merrill and Courtney claim an invention they didn't foresee
     Fry's Repositionable Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Sheet Material 
     Fry's patent background
     Fry summarizes his new way to make removable notes
     Fry's main claim
     Fraden's electronic thermometer
     Fraden's thermometer schematically
     Fraden's background and description beginning
     Fraden explains problem solutions in detail
     Fraden's claims
     Schaeffer's first motor patent
     Schaeffer's patent background
     Schaeffer's other patent
     Sarich's claims, a different solution than Ford's
     Sarich's fuel injector patents

Chapter 14
     Lee's Sharper Image air cleaner
     More drawings from Lee's patent
     Lee's circuit diagram, background, and parts list
     Lee's claims
     Reexamination of Lee's patent
     Lee's revised and additional claims
     TiVo Inc.'s time-warping patent
     TiVo's computer software style drawings
     TiVo's prior art described
     TiVo's claims
     A Newkirk Lanxide ceramic patent
     The "what's" and "how's" of Newkirk's invention described
     Newkirk's Example 14 and a claim
     Newkirk's experimental results chart
     Photographs from a Lanxide patent
     Basic metallic ceramic how-to illustration and experimental 
     Bell's image transmission telegraph

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