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Millions from the Mind


The Second Edition of Millions from the Mind contains 266 illustrations. A few are from the original edition but over 240 of them are totally new. The vast majority of the illustrations are drawn from patents relevant to the people and inventions discussed in the text. The illustrations contain not only patent drawings but samples from the patent specifications themselves. The material presented is further explained by "Tidbits" of discussion and stories in their own right about the patent or invention or inventor. We hope the little sample of illustrations included here are enough to whet your appetite for the whole set so that you Order a book today. Enjoy!

Oh, and fair warning: These illustrations, including drawings and claims and specification sections, mainly show old and only partial patents, do not use them as guides for any current work of your own, get competent help with current knowledge of the requirements.

Henry Ford's Fuel Injected Engine Drawing

Ford's Fuel Injected Engine Drawing (large)

Henry Ford's rudimentary, but race winning, fuel injection system (shown on an engine). When you're reading through the illustrations stick your thumb in here, you will be given all the information necessary to understand this drawing later--and to spot the error in it. There will be a test...

Ralph Sarich's Orbital Engine

Sarich's Austrailian Orbital Engine Drawing

Tony Ralph Sarich's first orbital engine patent. Australian 467,415. Not shown are some of the prior art orbital engines he had to either "get around" or get only narrower claims allowed.

And Ralph Sarich is not the last independent inventor to fall in love with the orbital engine concept. You might look at US6,349,695 of Feb 26, 2002--27 years after Ralph's.

Yet Ralph was a success while others before and since have not been and how does that relate to Henry Ford?

Henry Ford and Ralph Sarich had a lot in common. Aside from each solving the same problem with fuel injection systems, some substantial parallels in their success--lessons for all inventors--are discussed in the stories in Millions from the Mind.


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