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Millions from the Mind


The Otis' Elevator Safety Brake and the Eastman Roll Film Holder

Elisha Otis' Elevator safety brake

Otis' elevator safety brake

George Eastman's roll film holder co-invented with William Walker, an employee


George Eastman's initial answer to Stebbing's roll film camera. He went a step farther and created the essence of the film cartridge. George's general practice was to hire the best inventors he could find in fields he needed expertise in and this was no exception. He and Mr. Walker got a number of patents together and Mr. Walker was alone responsible for several patents assigned to George's companies.

Also notice the patent attorney, George B. Selden. Mr. Selden was an avid photographer before Mr. Eastman tried his hand at it and Mr. Eastman found him out and at first used his expertise to learn about photography, not patenting. More on Mr. Selden in a moment...

There's something funny about Otis' elevator patent. It issued 3 months before he died but when was it filed? His public demonstrations of the innovation were 7 years before the patent issued at a time when a typical patent issued in about 6 months. It was also reissued in 3 parts 10 years after he died. Why? (And, BTW, there is no relationship between Elisha Otis and George Eastman. But there is a significant relationship between Henry Ford and George Eastman.)


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