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Millions from the Mind


The Telephone, Bell vs. Gray

Bell's Key Telephone Patent Drawings

Tidbit: Often called the most valuable patent ever, Alexander Graham Bell's first telephone patent. This patent won every one of over 600 challenges including "it won't work," "it wasn't first," and "its ideas were stolen from others." As usual, there's more...

Gray's Caveat Drawing and more of Bell's Patent Text

Tidbit: At the top Elisha Gray's caveat (a no longer used method of getting your dibs in first at the USPTO akin to today's Provisional Application for Patent). The bottom half is more of Bell's 174,465 patent...

Then on June 11, 2002--long after the matter was settled many times over in court--the U. S. House of Representatives under a suspension of the rules voice vote by a presumed 2/3 majority of the members present changed history. Well, of course they didn't change history, but, merely for vote getting purposes, they declared a new "history" of the telephone that supposedly would have made Bell's foundation telephone patent impossible ... and substituted a con artist for "inventor."


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